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Mei Yi [userpic]
What X-Men Character are You?

Hey, found this community when I searched 'Marvel' in the Interest finding search. I hope it grows to gigantic proportions until it has to eat other communities (shotgun herald).

I consider myself a bit of a comic noob (but then again, I'm an everything noob). I love Marvel, Daredevil and Fantastic Four currently, though for a while I was a big DC fan - Batman, Robin and Nightwing, in particular. I was introduced to comics by my friends in high school, but only really started to get into them this year.

To help kick-start this comm, I propose a game/fun thingo. I've had this conversation with my friends several times: Which X-Man are you? I'm sure you've had this type of conversation with your friends before. I've been dubbed Jean Grey/Pheonix by my friends, "because I can kill people with my brain".


Well, we don't have to restrict it to X-Men, I guess. Any character will do!

Haha, one of my friends is Rouge "because he sucks the life out of everything he touches".


Welcome to the community! I don't know which X-Men character I am, but it still sounds like a cool idea!