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December 2007
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Mei Yi [userpic]

Hey, found this community when I searched 'Marvel' in the Interest finding search. I hope it grows to gigantic proportions until it has to eat other communities (shotgun herald).

I consider myself a bit of a comic noob (but then again, I'm an everything noob). I love Marvel, Daredevil and Fantastic Four currently, though for a while I was a big DC fan - Batman, Robin and Nightwing, in particular. I was introduced to comics by my friends in high school, but only really started to get into them this year.

To help kick-start this comm, I propose a game/fun thingo. I've had this conversation with my friends several times: Which X-Man are you? I'm sure you've had this type of conversation with your friends before. I've been dubbed Jean Grey/Pheonix by my friends, "because I can kill people with my brain".

gottaluvit123 [userpic]

Just found this com, think it's a great idea. DC comics are my current love. Anything Roy Harper/Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow related has been my focus for close to 25 years. Anything related to the arrows- Green Arrow, Connor Hawke, Speedy (Mia) Black Canary and of course Arsenal will grab my attention. I'm enjoying collecting JLofA, JSA, Nightwing, Teen Titans, Green Arrow *pouts because it's being cancelled* and Green Lantern at the moment. Used to collect Marvel, don't any more but I still have soft spots for X-Men Dare Devil and Hawkeye (yeah I have a thing for archers) Will spread the word about this cmmunity, nice to know there are fellow Aussie fan girls out there.

Okay, who reads Fables and Y? I read them both in trades and slowly am catching up to the singles. I really like them both but I like Y more somehow. It's more addictive. I can't wait to get the 1,001 Nights of Snowfall trade, although I wish it was in paperback not hardcover. Oh well.

I LOVE Bigby Wolf and Snow! Anyone getting that statue of them? It's way out of my price range. I really love other comics too - Green Lantern and related titles as well as Red Sonja. Anyone read those?

justvdifferent [userpic]

Maybe a jolt of debate/discussion is needed in order to spark this community to life? Let it be done then!

X-Men. X-Men II. X-Men III: The Last Stand. Sin City. Spider-Man. Batman Begins. Superman Returns. V for Vendetta. And now Watchmen, due for release sometime during 2007, I believe. There's a distinct, undeniable relationship between the cinema and comic mediums, made obvious by Hollywood's relentless plundering of DC, Dark Horse and Marvel material. What do we think of this? Do we like film adaptations of our beloved works? Do we like comic book aesthetic infiltrating film aesthetic? Which adaptations rocked? Which ones sucked? Why?

I'm a film student as well as a lover of comic books, so this issue has always been a favourite one of mine, and I was wondering what opinions other comic nerds had concerning it.

May the aussiefangirls begin!

Mel ^_^

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Hello! I'm a 21 year old Australian comic fangirl who lives on the Gold Coast. I love the comics medium and have lots and lots of favourites including Fables, Red Sonja, Street Fighter and much more. I also write reviews for www.comicbloc.com. I would love to meet other Australian girls who likes comics!

Feel free to discuss your favourite comics, character or anything about the medium in general. But remember, as a courtesy to people who haven't read the particular issue you want to talk about, mark it as a spoiler before proceeding. That's about the only rule I have.

I hope you enjoy this new community. :)

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