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gottaluvit123 [userpic]

Just found this com, think it's a great idea. DC comics are my current love. Anything Roy Harper/Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow related has been my focus for close to 25 years. Anything related to the arrows- Green Arrow, Connor Hawke, Speedy (Mia) Black Canary and of course Arsenal will grab my attention. I'm enjoying collecting JLofA, JSA, Nightwing, Teen Titans, Green Arrow *pouts because it's being cancelled* and Green Lantern at the moment. Used to collect Marvel, don't any more but I still have soft spots for X-Men Dare Devil and Hawkeye (yeah I have a thing for archers) Will spread the word about this cmmunity, nice to know there are fellow Aussie fan girls out there.


Welcome to the community! :) I'm enjoying so many titles from DC at the moment, they're doing a great job with the comics now. I think Roy Harper makes a great addition to the JLA team.

I hope you enjoy this place.