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justvdifferent [userpic]
A Question!

Maybe a jolt of debate/discussion is needed in order to spark this community to life? Let it be done then!

X-Men. X-Men II. X-Men III: The Last Stand. Sin City. Spider-Man. Batman Begins. Superman Returns. V for Vendetta. And now Watchmen, due for release sometime during 2007, I believe. There's a distinct, undeniable relationship between the cinema and comic mediums, made obvious by Hollywood's relentless plundering of DC, Dark Horse and Marvel material. What do we think of this? Do we like film adaptations of our beloved works? Do we like comic book aesthetic infiltrating film aesthetic? Which adaptations rocked? Which ones sucked? Why?

I'm a film student as well as a lover of comic books, so this issue has always been a favourite one of mine, and I was wondering what opinions other comic nerds had concerning it.

May the aussiefangirls begin!

Mel ^_^

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I enjoy seeing comic books adapted to the big screen. It's always interesting seeing the vision of the director and how well it's adapted. A lot of the time they veer away from the source material in order for it to work, but in some cases they just update it so it fits well into today's modern society like Spider-Man for example. Instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider like he was originally in the comics, he was bitten by a genetically modified spider.

I think it's great, and I really enjoyed Sin City, V for Vendetta, Hellboy, Spider-Man, X-Men, and the rest. Batman Begins also rocked. I'm looking forward to more big screen adaptions such as Green Lantern (though I hear the leaked script is terrible) and Flash and so on. I'm a big DC fangirl.